Former Sevco manager Ally McCoist has blasted Celtic’s go-ahead of their yearly winter training camp to Dubai and urges the Scottish First Minister to personally investigate further.

It’s incredible that fat Sally seems to take the high ground on this matter as he kept very quiet during his former club’s huge tax-dodging scam back in 2012.

The ex-oldco striker benefited from the club’s illegal scheme which allowed the former Ibrox club to sign players well beyond their means.

It’s a fair point to brand the trip stupid which many of our own fans did but this trip went through the correct measures and was backed by both the SFA and also the Scottish Government.

Earlier in the week, the club was told that there would be no action against them by the SFA and now the Hoops have returned from the UAE completely Covid-19 free.

McCoist even states that Celtic broke no rules when responding to Chris Sutton during their gig on BT Sports, then the Klan media training kicked in and Sally went on an unnecessary rant for attention.

He said: “No… I hear what Chris is saying regarding not having broken any rules.

“Right, that’s fine, I get that.

“But, c’mon guys, in the current climate, who in their right mind thinks it’s a good idea to go to another country with a group of players when there’s just been this second bout of the virus?

“It’s a stupid idea in so many ways, so many counts.”

Sutton then challenged his on-air colleague, asking: “If it was such a stupid idea, why have the Government allowed it to happen?”

But McCoist continued: “I’m glad you brought that up, and I’ll ask you a question.

“If the Government thought it was a good idea, why has Nicola Sturgeon asked the SFA to look into the matter?

“If she deals with it how it’s required, she should be dealing with it herself.

“But the fact she’s then asked the SFA would indicate to me she wants the governing body to do something about it, whether it’s have a look at it or whatever, I don’t know.

“But they’ve chosen not to do it, because potentially they’re a little bit embarrassed for, again I use the word ‘stupidity’.

“In this day and age, I can’t go up and visit my 94-year-old mother!”

He added: “Our governing bodies weren’t slow to react, rightly or wrongly, Aberdeen players sitting round a table earlier on in the season.

“Kilmarnock players on a team bus… A lot of people, like myself, aren’t fully up on all the rules but the football clubs are.

“Getting back to Chris’ point, if there’s nothing legally wrong that’s fine.

“But nobody, nobody , on this planet will convince me that common sense should have prevailed and they shouldn’t have gone, even just for the look itself.”

Regardless of what anybody thinks on the matter, the club followed all the rules and protocols and to insist an investigation should happen is deluded.

But what do you expect from the likes of them, the Klan media’s sole purpose is to try and control and defect away from what’s going on behind the scenes of Ibrox.