Sevco Fans Outraged As Big Mike Plays Puppet Master To Castore Dummies

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Mike Ashley has once again took the reigns of the Sevco brand as the genius tycoon has succeeded in hit plot against the Rangers support as Castore have taken all Rangers products off their site and Ashley has the new manky top on his.

It was an Oscar winning performance when the Beahon brothers of Castore sweet talked the full Gers support with promises of trophies coming back to Ibrox and the start of a new era, and the gullible fans ate it up perfectly.

Their heart strings were pulled and fans were going crazy online with the whole “sticking together” and “lets support the club” malarkey, Celtic fans just love seeing them all happy as we knew at the time something just wasn’t right, it was destined to go wrong.

On Wednesday at 5pm, Sports Direct announced they would be “exclusively” be the sellers of the new Castore branded Rangers top, oh you know what happened as we all took a seat back with a beer and watched the carnage unfold on social media, the Sevconians were outraged that big Mike still had a grip of their beloved brand.

Later that night the legendary Rangers statement went public and after all the guff and rubbish, club bosses reassured fans that Ashley has nothing to do with their club and Castore are the ones in charge, pretty much saying it wasn’t us it was them.

At the weekend the saga unfolded a little more as a behind the scenes video was released with key players modelling the premium branded strip and such (aye right) one thing that was odd was the no show of star man Morelos, and if your Rangers and Castore you would be desperate to get your star player in the new kit to persuade the idiot fans to buy it,

Well, Sevco fans creamed themselves and couldn’t wait to get a hold off the smart looking Rangers shirt and the next obvious step would be to pre-order, the club page offered a link to the Castore website so fans could order the top but when fans clicked the link they discovered that there were no Rangers products on their sponsors Website, very very strange.

The Castore brothers set up a holding page but the full website won’t be available until August 1, the date that the kits go on sale in Sports Direct. Fans can leave an email and be informed when the new site goes live.

The best thing of all this, at the moment the only place fans can buy or even see the top on show are on both Ashley’s store pages, Sports Direct and House Of Fraser.