Sevco have failed in numerous attempts to sell Morelos and now the rotten mob are planning on punting Ryan Kent, but do fans realise that their club will barely make any money as Liverpool still need to be paid.

The Govan mob and their P.R team are doing their best to drum up interest in Ryan Kent and flog the winger for lots of cash, similar to Morelos and the vast amount of bids they have had for him over the years.

There was rumoured interest from Leeds United and by rumoured we mean made up, there was a reported £10 million demand from Rangers which would slowly move up to £20 million odds.

There is no way that any club will pay over the odds like Gerrard did the previous year, remember Rangers paid £7 million for a player who barely had any experience as a footballer, and it gets better as Sevco still owe most of that money to Liverpool.

So even if they managed to get their £10 million for the average winger, the club would only make at best £3 million profit from the sale.

The deluded Klanbase aren’t happy at the thought.