Sevco Supremo Signs Deal With Fraudster And Racist

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It seems to be a growing trend at Ibrox that nobody seems to do a deep background check on anyone taking up positions of power or even making deals with other companies as it now appears that the Ibrox Marketing Supremo James Bisgrove has signed Rangers up to do dealings with someone described as a ‘convicted fraudster, sex pest and racist’ by the media.

Chris Norminton of Sporting Pay, a company that works with Rangers and other clubs who pretty much install cashless pay systems to use at match days and in other areas, are now working with the Glasgow club and the deal was given the green light by marketing guru Bisgrove.

However, the media have exposed Norminton for what he truly is and that’s a convicted fraudster, sex pest and racist, this man has a long list of charges against him ranging from fraud to sexually harassing women, it seems Sevco really are a club that welcomes all, all the garbage and criminals.

The media reports:

The man appointed to orchestrate a financial modernisation programme at three Scottish football clubs is a convicted fraudster, a sex pest and racist.

Chris Norminton is the managing director of Sporting Pay, which has signed deals to install cashless payment facilities at Rangers, Hibs and St Mirren.

But we can reveal that Norminton, 35, was banned from being a company director in 2013 after forging documents and lying to defraud an investor out of £21,000.

An English court heard that he was a gambling addict who blew the cash on “lifestyle expenses”, prior to him receiving a 12-month suspended prison sentence.

At an Employment Tribunal in 2018, Norminton showed no sign of being reformed. A woman employed in sales under his management with the firm Cutpay Merchant Services Ltd exposed him as sex pest who groped her knee while she was driving and sent many sexually suggestive text messages.