Sevconian Staff Feel Wrath Of Klanbase | Castore Banter

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We all saw the hilarious backlash that Castore and the Klan have been receiving over the poor quality of their premium branded shirts, but now its the staff at the mega Klan store who are dealing with the angry orcs.

As we know, Castore couldn’t handle the mass amount of pre-orders that they received from Sevconians wanting to place orders for their top quality shirts and merch.

Instead of attempting to resolve it by extending dates of releases or upping their own production, the world wide brand decided to out source production to Turkish and Chinese sweatshops who basically created the poorest quality kits to pass for Castore ones.

Twitter blew up as the angry Klanbase posted pictures of fake shirts and jumpers that were worth nothing more than a few quid but had paid £60 for as Castore were stealing their cash, it was hilarious to see.

The staff at their mega store have been taking the hit and dealing will masses or Orangemen who were angry and wanted blood.

We keep saying this but Sevco really are the most gullible club on the planet and the gift that keeps giving, the best comedy show around.

If fans do want a quality version of their midden of a top they can always go to Sports Direct and big mike will sort them out with one.