It’s come to our attention that another sick troll (Sevconian) has taken yet another swipe at Celtic superfan Jay Beatty, for no reason.

Young Jay has never said a bad thing about anyone and these vile trolls think its ok to openly mock a 16-year-old with down syndrome, and what’s even sicker its been happening since Jay was even younger.

This idiot claimed on Twitter that he would get a tattoo of Jay on his leg if Celtic should drop points today, which we unfortunately did.

This post managed to get 4000 likes so far, that’s 4000 moon howlers who took time out of their day of inbreeding to like a post mocking down syndrome, how pathetic is that.

We will show you the post, it might very get taken down at some point but we have a screenshot so if it does let us know and we will post the back-up photo.

Celtic fans also invaded the post and reacted with anger at the idiot, and rightly so.