Neil Lennon has told the media that he’s disgusted at the thought someone from inside his camp released Celtic’s squad selection online before their match against Sevco on Saturday.

With Celtic suffering a shock defeat to Sevco at Parkhead there seems to be a mole within the club.

Not for the first time over the past few seasons have Celtic had something private released to the media or online, a few years ago it was a list containing transfer targets of Brendan Rodgers and now for a few times Lennon has had his team released.

‘I don’t know, it’s not great. Somebody within the club is doing us in, basically, and that’s disgusting,

‘We’ll try [to get to the bottom of it], we’ll work at it. It’s very disappointing.

‘Of course it does [make my job more difficult]. I keep talking about a sense of privacy around our club but that doesn’t seem to be the case for some people. That’s very disappointing from my point of view.

‘We’ve got a run of games now where hopefully players will get fitter, sharper and we get players back from illness as well, then things will start looking better, but this [match] was always going to be an uphill task.’