Neil Lennon has given us an explanation to why Ismaila Soro didn’t start in the cup final and also why the Celtic player has been given a ban by his manager.

The 22-year-old has managed to hold his place within the Celtic squad after a few brilliant performances that have kept Scott Brown out the team.

We all gave Lennon grief about leaving Soro out of the cup final last week and now the Celtic manager has explained why.

The £2 million rated signing came down with food poisoning and was left out of the starting eleven.

Neil Lennon has now given Soro a kitchen ban and states that he’s been told to eat from the canteen.

The Hoops gaffer, speaking to the Daily Record, said: “Soro’s English isn’t great although it’s getting better. He’s French-speaking, so he can talk to some of the boys, but he did take time to adjust.

“He’s living on his own over here and we had to take our time with him, but he has done really well in the last few games and he gets better as matches go on.

“His passing is crisp, he covers the ground well and he dovetailed well with Callum McGregor.

“He’s a happy lad. He always has a smile on his face and he’s enjoying it.

“We couldn’t start him last Sunday because he came down with food poisoning on Saturday night. He had sickness and diarrhoea the night before, although he felt better in the morning.

“I told him he isn’t allowed to cook again. He must eat in the canteen!

“Soro still has to mature a bit in that sense, but he will learn.”