Stewart Regan Dismisses “Void” Season And Only One Outcome

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Stewart Regan rejects any speculation that this years Scottish football season will be voided.

There have been various fake news articles going around social media that the season will be null and voided, but Regan claims that isn’t even an option as it would open a legal can of worms that would damage or possibly end our football leagues and some clubs.

As things stand Celtic are13 points clear at the top of the SPFL Premiership with eight rounds of fixtures still to be played.

Speaking to BBC Scotland Regan said:

I don’t envy the job the board of the Scottish FA and the SPFL have to do but I believe strongly you cannot end the season almost completed.

I think the most pragmatic outcome is to treat this period as a pause, and when it’s safe to come back and start football again you recommence the season at that point and finish it.

It’s possible to do that with the will of all parties concerned, and that will allow a fair outcome for all the teams that are involved at the top and bottom of every division.

Celtic going 13 points clear.

There’s no doubt about it, the best thing financially for clubs to do is agree that the season ends early as there’s no guarantee that this Coronavirus will die down in time for the summer, with many experts predicting that it will peak during that time.

Football clubs need their end of season prize money and sponsor cash, that cannot be paid if the season is voided, putting many clubs at financial risk.