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Strakosha Doesn’t Believe Celtic Really Beat Lazio

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Celtic overcame the mighty Lazio not once but twice in the Europa League, Lennon’s warriors also qualified from the group stage with a very impressive two games to spare but the Lazio camp can’t quite seem to take some honour in defeat.

Lazio goalkeeper Thomas Strakosha believes that the Italians results in the Europa League don’t reflect how good of a team they are, in so many words he doesn’t believe Celtic have the quality to defeat them twice back to back.

For obvious reasons teams in Europe think of Scottish football as a very low standard and might see Celtic as an easy draw, but surely not now we have proved we are a team not to be doubted, Lennon plays a very smart game and looks to exploit his opponents weakness whoever they are.

Thomas Strakosha had this to say:

“The results in the Europa League lie. By that I mean, they don’t reflect on how well we have played.”
“Of course we should have done better in the competition, but the scores don’t tell the whole story.

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