Chris Sutton has squash the myth that the media in England regard Steven Gerrard as a successful manager with his work at Rangers.

The Sevco boss has won nothing in the past two seasons and he has been backed all the way, the former Liverpool star has brought in roughly 30 players during his tenure in Glasgow.

With all the players Gerrard has purchased his excuses are always the same, he blames it on his squad and the players he inherited.

There are only a trio of Sevco players that the failure has inherited from the previous squad and that it Morelos, Tav and Jack, all players that he says are key elements.

Sutton wasn’t having any of it as the former hoops star tells the truth when it comes to the media down south, Gerrard is regarded as a failure and rightly so as the manager hasn’t won a single trophy in Scotland as Celtic are just so dominant.

Winning 17 points from 10 matches after the winter break and being knocked out of the Scottish Cup by relegated Hearts isn’t the stuff of glittering CVs.

Being bracketed with Frank Lampard has also helped Gerrard’s case with the Chelsea boss introducing half a dozen Academy prospects and earning a Champions League place despite a transfer ban.

Glasgow Live reported:

“I think the issue is there’s this perception down south that Steven Gerrard has done a good job at Rangers, and as far as I’m concerned that couldn’t be further from the truth. Now’s the time to prove himself. He hasn’t won anything in the last two seasons.

Host Kelly Cates asked: “Is the perception that he’s done a good job down to the fact that people still think there’s something of a rebuilding job at Ibrox, that they’re doing it under different circumstances?”, to which Sutton replied: “Maybe so, and I’ve seen comments this week that he wants to bring more players in. He’s brought I think nearly 30 players. He’s been backed.

“The big question has been over the last couple of seasons do Rangers keep finding the money for him to bring players in, so he can’t complain about that, but he’s had long enough now.

“And the issue for Rangers the last couple of seasons has been quite simple. It’s not been the start of the season. It’s been after the new year they have just fallen away.

“I mean I didn’t see it happening last season Kelly, with what happened after they played so well at Celtic Park. They were dominant, they were absolutely dominant, and whatever happened in Dubai, who knows, but they came back a totally different team.

“Fell away unbelievably. The form was poor, Morelos came back, he looked heavy, didn’t look quite at it. And that was their issue. And they’ve only got themselves to blame.

“They were in a brilliant, brilliant position. They just haven’t been consistent enough, and that’s the question again this season.”