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Sutton Wants Gerrard Punished For His Outrageous Behaviour.

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Saints manager Steve Clarke has just been given a warning under rule 72, after his calm conversation with the media regarding the lack of consistency among referees in Scotland, and Chris Sutton want to know why Rangers manager Steven Gerrard hasn’t.

These men manage in the same football league with the same governing body, but it seems only one man can constantly blame the decisions of the referees and also try and cause an up roar after a match doesn’t go his way, that man is Rangers manager Steven Gerrard.

Chris Sutton had this to say:

“Clarke gets hammered under rule 72 for comments that ‘indicate bias or incompetence of a match official’ and he was also hit for bringing the game to disrepute.

“But I’d like to know how he can get clobbered for his calm and reasoned response – yet there wasn’t a peep from the beaks about Steven Gerrard after he practically inferred there was a long-standing refereeing conspiracy against Rangers.”

Steven Gerrard should be treated like any other manager in the league and be punished for his actions, and we all know why hes doing it, its to mask his poor form in the first half of the season by trying to say that there is a bias against Rangers and everyone helps out Celtic.

We all know its the other way around, but Celtic will still succeed and claim their 8th Title in a row. HH


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