So according to various sources that you have probably already seen and heard, The Klanbase have planned to gather yet again in the masses and break numerous rules and laws.

Just like they did many weeks ago, the Sevconian idiots are gathering in town on the 15th of May to celebrate their club being crowned official Covid League winners.

Normally most people wouldn’t grudge any fanbase a time for celebration especially a club that have never won a major trophy since their creation back in 2012, but this brand of fans cannot simply enjoy a time of triumph, they must let the world know they are back as they say, with violence and law breaking.

How many times have they caused riots being that of old and new fanbase, and don’t forget to mention the 10 Orange walks per month that seem to get the green light from the Government.

What makes this worse this season is that Celtic have had so much negative press over Bolingoli stupidly going on a day trip to Spain and also a training camp to Dubai that was given the go ahead by the Government themselves might I add, that Rangers fans are allowed to pretty much riot, break laws, smash benches and storm Glasgow in their 1000’s , get away with it and now they are allowed to plan to do it all over again during a pandemic.

With the nation almost heading out of lockdown it would be very silly for the Government to allow this to happen again but we shouldn’t hold our breathe as it seems there are different rules for one team in Glasgow compared to the other.