The Klanbase have come crawling out their holes as the latest Superscoreboard post on Twitter, sends them on deluded meltdown.

The popular account posted that UEFA have confirmed that Scotland will have 5 teams in next seasons European competitions.

Now this is fantastic for Scottish Football and it will be a massive boost to the winners of the league this year (Celtic) for the Champions League.

This also allows one extra non Glasgow based club to have a chance at some Euro money.

However, this sent the Klanbase into meltdown as they just couldn’t help themselves, many Orcs and Zombies left comments stating that Sevco have raised the bar for Scottish clubs in Europe and that they are the ones who put Scotland back on the map.

Such utter nonsense, as Celtic have been flying in Europe on a coefficients level as the Scottish Champions have brought in over a 5 year period ( 31.000) and the Klan have (18.250).

Celtic will still remain miles infront, Sevco have merely contributed and not that far behind Aberdeen’s (7.500) on a smaller budget.

Here’s some of the silly comments: