The Klanbase have had their deluded theory that the person that was tampering with Alfredo Morelos’ car was a Celtic fan proved wrong, as the man in question was in court with no action taken.

To a deluded Klan Member, Celtic are all that is on their minds and we occupy their minuscule brains daily, weekly and yearly.

Everything that happens in Scottish Football or even to one of their players has the same idiotic outcome, a Celtic fan must have did it.

When the the media broke the story a while back that a person was tampering underneath the fancy sports car of Morelos, Sevco Twitter went into full meltdown as it could only be a Celtic fan who was attempting to cut the chunky Colombian’s breaks.

Now obviously utter nonsense, the real story did eventually break and the man was indeed a private investigator who was hired by Alfredo’s wife who suspected he was up to no good.

For this reason the courts had decided that all charges should be dropped as the man was acting within his duties and hired by Mrs. Morelos.

The Sevconians really are a bunch of goons that will try and twist anything in their favour, we can’t wait to rub title number ten in their faces.