The Klan are skint and on the hunt for ways they can further scam money from their pathetic Sevconian fans, a new castore retro shirt you say!

We know they are on borrowed time and Castore have already fleeced the Klanbase for alot of cash over the summer period with their latest 20/21 merchandise and kits.

The quality was cheap and made in places such as China and Turkey, fans were raging online at labels falling off and badges that were clearly ironed on by hand, similar to ones you can buy in most pound shops these days.

But now after only a few months of selling their premium branded kits, the Castore peepul and Sevco have decided that a release of a new retro shirt is needed to further boost their back pockets.

Some of the moon howlers aren’t prepared to fork out more brew money just incase the quality is similar to their previous purchases, they are asking for Β£68 for this basic top.