Big bad John Hartson has shocked fans as the former Celtic striker has shed a stone and a half due to a massive health kick.

The Welsh Dragon has set his sights on a nice target weight of 16 stone and his nickname could very well be changed if Hartson keeps up this health trend of his.

During his playing days Hartson was known to throw his weight around on the park with some bruising encounters guaranteed whenever he pulled on the hoops.

During a recent Podcast Hartson happily admitted to putting on a stone or a stone and a half during the close season, heading to a holiday home in Spain he would enjoy a day on the golf course followed by a late night of fine food, sangria and Cervezas.

At the age of 45 the Welshman now seems to be on the same sort of mission as he was when he was in his playing prime.

But when the season starts and Harston will be right behind the Hoops as they face a season with an outcome like no other, 10 in a row.