Trending | Ex-Celtic Player Regrets Career Ending Choices

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Former Celtic midfielder Thomas Graveson admits that he regrets quitting football early despite making millions since retiring.

The crazy midfielder was signed by Celtic with a high reputation as Graveson came with a great list of former clubs such as Everton and Real Madrid.

However, despite a few good games against including a goal against Rangers and a win against Manchester United, Graveson didn’t really fulfil expectations that fans had.

Graveson was then loaned back to Everton and then retired at the age of 32 where he then moved to America to get away from the football world and start a new life.

The great Dane made some lucrative investments and managed to make a fortune so maybe his decision to retire was the right call to make.

The Everton legend spoke to the media about how he does regret it and urges players today to play aslong as they can, even if it means dropping leagues.

Graveson said:

“I can’t even remember my last game in football. I was told it was at Everton, but I actually thought I played again when I returned to Celtic.”

“You can see I don’t really care when my last game was,” Gravesen said.

“Leaving football is one of those things I regret most in my life. I just reached a point where I’d had enough.”

“My advice to all footballers would be to keep going. If you can’t play in the Premier League anymore, then go to the Championship. Just play as long as you can. You regret it when you quit too soon. You can’t change your mind and go back to football in your mid-30s. It’s gone.

When I left Celtic, I wanted to move away from home as I could because I didn’t want to watch football and it’s easier in the USA. It took me nine years to get over it and return to public life. But now I am so happy within myself.”