The Eddie Howe to Celtic saga has certainly had its share of twists and turns over the last few months.

Howe was rumoured to be on the verge of being named manager of the club a few weeks earlier. Of course, almost a month has passed since then, but no appointment has been set.

In addition, there hasn’t been any press on the subject in recent days. Of course, there are two sides to any storey. Some may believe that no news is good news, whereas others may disagree.

However, there now seems to be a somewhat good report on the situation. Howe looks to be on his way to becoming the club’s next manager. There has been success with his backroom staff, according to the Daily Mail (via Glasgow Live). Along with Simon Weatherstone and Stephen Purches, Mark Burchill may play a part.

Is Howe the right man to restore Celtic’s dominance of Scottish football?

Howe is well regarded for his success at Bournemouth during his two stints at the club. He led them from the League Two relegation zone to the Premier League in a comparatively short period of time, and then held them there for five seasons. To say the least, it is a remarkable accomplishment.

His team even played attacking football along the way, which is another reason why he is a viable candidate for the Parkhead position.

There’s no excuse he couldn’t return the club to the top of Scottish football if offered the right players. Still, at the end of the day, he isn’t a wizard, and a lot will hinge on the club’s recruiting efforts over the next few months.