There seem to be two guaranteed constants in Scottish football these days: 

Celtic will underperform and the Daily Record will continue to disgrace the craft of journalism. 

Even amidst all the doom and gloom surrounding Celtic at the moment, I couldn’t help but have a wee chuckle to myself when I saw the Record’s latest embarrassment of a headline: “7 Celtic Body Language Images that illuminate a club facing their ultimate crisis”

Amazing, just amazing. The Record can, it seems, hire experts in body language, but can’t stump up the salary for a sub-editor to tell them that “club” is singular and not plural!

However, I’m not here today to nitpick grammar errors and poor word choices. Let’s face it, when you’re dealing with the Daily Record, that isn’t even a challenge. 

No, what I am here to talk about today is the utterly ridiculous hysteria the Record and its fellow rags such as the Sun continue to perpetuate around Celtic. 

“Ultimate crisis”?? Really?

Remember 1994 when we were 18 hours away from ceasing to exist?

Remember when Rangers won the League at Celtic Park in 1999?

Remember when Rangers did 9 in a row and we were in total disarray?

There have been plenty of other times when we faced crises far worse than being knocked out of Europe and the League Cup, and being 5 points off the top of the league. The three I’ve outlined above are just the most obvious, recent instances, there’s plenty more to choose from.

Yes, the pursuit of the ten makes this a season unlike most we have faced before, but “ultimate crisis?”. Not even close. 

In all likelihood, a new management team will come into Celtic within the next couple of weeks. For me, it’s all about the new year game against Rangers. Lose that, and then, perhaps some of these hyperbolic headlines will have merit. 

Until then, please stop buying these rags. They only exist because we allow them to. 

As they say on the internet: “Don’t feed the trolls.”