Thu. Nov 14th, 2019

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WWE Wrestler Makes Threats And Calls Out Celtic Captain Brown.

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Scott Brown has managed to to get himself on the bad side of real life WWE wrestler Drew McIntyre, lets face it the Celtic captain is an expert at winding people up to the point of violence.

As you might has guessed, McIntyre has stated he’s a Rangers fan and would love to get the Celtic captain in the ring and drop him, clearly this so called WWE star has not one speck of professionalism in his brain.

To actually come on and pretty much threaten the Celtic captain live on TalkSport, it just says more about the motives of the show and adds another media stream out to try and cause unrest in the Celtic camp, but thats what happens when your the champions I suppose.

This McIntyre is clearly out to gain some exposure and get some backing from the Zombie nation.

Maybe Scott Brown should get in the ring with McIntyre, imagine the scenes and Brown standing doing the Broonie.



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