It wasn’t just the team playing on the park who gave Celtic a showing up yesterday. The multimedia team at Celtic Park also, yet again, displayed their incompetence for the entire world to see. 

For several minutes at the beginning of yesterday’s game, both season ticket holders in Scotland, and fans like me watching on Celtic TV from abroad, were locked out from viewing the game. Those of us who did manage to log in were presented with a rather ominous message saying “this event does not exist”. 

On reflection, I only wish that had been true. 

With Celtic TV out of commission for the first ten minutes, I was forced to begin my search for a “dodgy stream” to watch the game. 

Almost every regular source for this kind of stream was closed off due to “a copyright claim by Celtic FC”.

No prizes for guessing where Celtic’s media team allocated all their resources yesterday. 

Here’s a hint for those in charge at Celtic: If you want fans to stop using illegal streams, give them an alternative they can pay for. 

Yet again yesterday, the Rangers game was available to view on TV. Non-season ticket holders in Scotland couldn’t even pay for the privilege to watch Celtic yesterday. When you consider that other clubs with nowhere near our level of infrastructure can provide pay per view services for their fans, this is an absolute disgrace. 

If only Celtic did half as good a job providing their own broadcast services as they do shutting down others.

Unfortunately, this myopic greed is a recurring problem surrounding many aspects of the business side of the club at the moment, and has been for quite some time. 

Our problems don’t just begin and end with the current management team.