Something uncharacteristic happened yesterday. The football club that calls itself Rangers actually showed some humility for once and took their medicine without any squabbles. 

Sadly, as expected, the same can’t be said of their fans. 

The news that Jordan Jones and George Edmondson, already suspended by the club, will receive 7 game bans for breaching Covid-19 protocols was met with fury in some of the darker corners of the internet last night. 

There were meltdowns aplenty on Rangers fans message boards and forums as they decried the “totally unfair, and biased treatment” being meted out to them by the powers that be in Scottish football. 

One even said on social media “If the SFA don’t reverse this, it’s war!”

He wasn’t too happy when I commented to ask him if that meant he’d be applying for a job at the shipyards!

Anyway, back on topic. 

To compare this incident with what happened to our own quarantine-breaker, Boli Bolingoli is an absolute false equivalence. 

Firstly, I am not in any way defending Boli here. His actions were dangerous, irresponsible, and were it within Celtic’s legal power to contractually do so, I would have supported sacking him on the spot. 

That however was a different time. Both he and the Aberdeen players caught up in a night out around the same time, were punished. I don’t remember anyone complaining at the time that a 3 game ban was insufficient. 

We are now into a full-blown second wave of Coronavirus infections in Scotland. Hospitalizations and deaths continue to rise by the day. 

The situation is a whole lot more serious and deadly now than it was in August.

As such there is an even greater pressure on players from all teams to lead by example.

Jones and Edmundson knew this, and they knew that Scottish football on a whole was already, according to First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, “on a yellow card”. Yet they chose to go and party anyway, and to hell with all the obvious collateral damage. 

The fact that even a club as traditionally litigious as Rangers opted not to challenge the ruling speaks volumes. 

Of course, one has to wonder, would they be as eager to accept such lengthy bans were the players in question not a couple of soon to be jettisoned journeymen on the periphery of the first team squad?

Probably not, but that’s an argument for another time. 

These idiots not only jeopardized the health of themselves, their fellow players and their families with their stupidity, they placed the entire Scottish Premiership season in jeopardy. 

I doubt we’ll see either of them in a Rangers jersey again, but then again that seemed unlikely even before this all kicked off. 

For once, Rangers showed some genuine dignity. Its time for the moronic elements among their support to shut up and do the same.